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Job satisfaction

Life is so much pleasanter if you love what you (have to) do, at least most of it – and with a nice cup of hot tea or coffee ­čśë

Texture is by les brumes and own texture, the lovely hearts are by melemel  //


Mrs Pearl Is Getting Ready

Mrs Pearl has been busy all day yesterday dusting the books in The Library to make the best of impressions on her first apprearance in the new Flickr group Toy-in-the-frame Thursday today. She was so excited, she couldn’t stop shushing to herself all day and she even completely forgot to put back all the books but left them lying everywhere on the cart and the desk.

Textures by les brumes and Shadowhouse Creations


Meet Mrs Pearl
Mrs Pearl is a 12cm tall Librarian Action Figure. Push a button on her back and her arm moves with a shushing action. She comes with her bestseller Book Lust and a stack of books or, in the deluxe version, with a whole library complete with reference desk, computer, library cart and books.

 The figure is modeled after the real-life librarian and author of bestseller Book Lust Nancy Pearl.

Mrs Pearl is already looking forward to next week. What adventures, tasks or daily routines will the new week bring?

To be continued…

Quot. Nicholls: Library or Pub?

Her skin had a pallid puffiness that spoke of too much time in libraries or drinking pints in pubs, and her spectacles made her seem owlish and prim.

Nicholls, David. One Day. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2010. 978-0-340-89698-3.

Bilder von der InetBib-Tagung 2010

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Quot. Sansom: The Guildhall’s Librarian

Fictional description of the Guildhall Library┬áin London in 1540 and its librarian. I’m sure the librarians there┬áare much more reader-friendly and service-orientated these days┬á­čÖé .

But I’m afraid there are still some libraries left even today, where a ┬álibrarian not unlike the one described by Sansom┬áwatches over the collection, scowling at every reader who innocently wishes to┬áconsult one of its books┬á…

The librarian was one of those fellows who believes books should be kept on shelves, not read, but with the aid of Vervey’s note I was able to get past him. He watched sourly as I put the volumes in my satchel.

Sanson, C. J. Dark Fire. London: Pan, 2007. 978-0-330-45078-2.

See here for┬áinformation about today’s Guildhall Library and its services.

It’s a blue book, you know…

Bringing books and people together: Librarianship back then – “Your Life Work: The Librarian” (1946).

Quot.: Intimidating catalogues and librarians

In turn-of-the century Bolton, Alice Foley was delegated to borrow books from the public library for her entire family. (After a long trek in clattering clogs, she had to confront enormous catalogues and equally intimidating librarians.)

Rose, Jonathan. The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes. New Haven and London: Yale Nota Bene, 2001. 0-300-09808-1.