I am irrational

My goodness, those spam comments really just make me laugh at times. Here’s the latest, in full. Really, how, and even more, why, do people come up with such rubbish??

Together with every thing which seems to be building within this area, many of your points of view are very exciting. Even so, I appologize, because I can not subscribe to your entire plan, all be it refreshing none the less. It seems to everyone that your commentary are actually not completely rationalized and in reality you are your self not really fully certain of your assertion. In any case I did appreciate examining it.

Don’t know really what my “plan” is, but I’m glad that someone finds it “refreshing” ;-). But I’m most amused about the last part, about everyone (who’s everyone??) finding my commentary not really rational and that I’m apparently aren’t really convinced about what I’m saying.

No guess which of my posts received this spam comment – exactly, on again it is my “About” post :-). But I’m glad it’s appreciated :-).

Really, go and find something useful to do!


One response to “I am irrational

  1. Hi, I get stuff like this as well. I haven’t had any for about a week though.

    I used to react against it really strongly and be upset by it, but I decided I would assume it had come from someone whose language is not English. For me being in Bulgaria and sometimes tagging my posts ‘Bulgaria’, that is a particularly reasonable assumption.

    I used to ignore them, or put them up to show them up, but I try to converse with them now on the basis of what they have said, no matter how poorly.

    I find most people, like myself, sometimes, are hit and run commenters and don’t engage, spam or not. Everything goes to my spam folder. I don’t know why, always. Possibly it isn’t functioning properly. I sometimes wonder what is the basis of it having been classified as spam, because to me it isn’t always apparent.

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