Quot. Sansom: The Guildhall’s Librarian

Fictional description of the Guildhall Library in London in 1540 and its librarian. I’m sure the librarians there are much more reader-friendly and service-orientated these days 🙂 .

But I’m afraid there are still some libraries left even today, where a  librarian not unlike the one described by Sansom watches over the collection, scowling at every reader who innocently wishes to consult one of its books …

The librarian was one of those fellows who believes books should be kept on shelves, not read, but with the aid of Vervey’s note I was able to get past him. He watched sourly as I put the volumes in my satchel.

Sanson, C. J. Dark Fire. London: Pan, 2007. 978-0-330-45078-2.

See here for information about today’s Guildhall Library and its services.

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