Flickr: Upgrade to Pro Account??

My Flickr Account reminds me that I’m reaching the 200 photo limit and should think about upgrading to a Flickr Pro Account. But should I really?

A Flickr Pro Account costs $24.95 a year which means that if I upgrade it now I’ll have to pay that fee every year because otherwise, only the 200 latest pictures will be shown (though nothing is deleted) instead of all my pictures uploaded. Which is basically why I would want to update in the first place.

But the question is not if I want to spend that amount of money for the next few years but rather if it’s worth it. Why does one put ones pictures on Flickr? In order to share it with others. Otherwise one could just as well leave them on ones own PC and enjoy them quietly and privately.

I joined Flickr 4 months ago, on 3rd of May, and so far, I’ve uploaded 186 pictures, and had 116 visitors altogether. The most “popular” picture was viewed 19 times but most of them were viewed about once or twice. And I haven’t got a single comment so far. Okay, I haven’t really done much myself, such as contributing pictures to the groups I’ve joined (5 so far), commenting on other member’s pictures or contacting other members (2 contacts so far).  But still. The conclusion one can draw so far is that no one is really interested in whether I upload any pictures or not and the question: why bother? Shouldn’t I just forget about those $25.95 and spend them on something else. A book, for example?

Well, I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see.

6 responses to “Flickr: Upgrade to Pro Account??

  1. I have uploaded over 1800 photos to Flickr now and am glad to have a pro account – mainly because of the limited number of sets in the free account. It would be difficult to organise otherwise.

    • lonelylibrarian

      Yes, the aspect of organising is what makes me think about upgrading. That’s what makes it interesting. And I love folders… But on the other hand, I think that $24.95 a year is quite a lot for what you get, compared, for example, with LibraryThing, where you get a “life” account for the same amount of money.

      • True – maybe due to the increased storage space and bandwith necessary for storing and uploading photos/videos compared with records consisting mainly of text.

      • lonelylibrarian

        Yes, that makes sense. I still wish they had the “life” option along with the annual fee. I think I’ll give it a try for a year, especially as I’ve just taken over 1500 pictures during my holiday earlier this month. Can’t wait to upload and organise at least some of them :-).

  2. am thinking of upgrading too …
    maybe its expensive … but what other good option is out there anyways … ???
    picasa isnt any good i hear …
    but google should not be having a problem with storage … right … ???
    lets see how this goes …

  3. if you havent contributed to any groups, left any comments, and have only added 2 contacts then how do you expect anybody to even know you exist on flickr?? get involved!

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