Chartership #2: mentor and registration

I was very close to giving up the whole thing before I’ve even actually started. Before sending in my registration form, I thought I’d first try to find a mentor. I was looking for someone in the London area, as I’m at least once a year in and/or near London and there’s a long enough list with names. I was trying to find someone working in a library/position similar to myself but unfortunately, only very few of them have a mentor’s profile with informations about where they work and what they do. Eventually, I settled on two persons. My first choice turned me down immediately, which I found rather frustrating, as in the mentor list, it stated clearly that she had free capacity for a mentee (it still does so, actually). Whatever her reasons were, I was really considering to forget about the whole thing and enjoy my free time instead.

 About two weeks ago, however, I gave it another try. I contacted the other person I had picked out and, fortunately, he agreed to be my mentor :-). It seems, though, that we don’t really work in the same library environment at all. But then, this does not really matter so much. So now I really need to write that job description and post my registration – and then start working. I had a look at the documentation, which I had printed out some time ago, over the weekend but suddenly realised that most of it was about “certification” rather than “chartership”, which seems to be something entirely different. It is all rather confusing. And even on the according pages on CILIP’s website , the two things seem to get mixed occasionally. Or maybe the PPDP and portolio for both are pretty much the same? (I must admit that I don’t really understand yet what the difference between the two is…).

Anyway, I found a copy of Margaret Watson’s Building your portfolio. The CILIP guide, London 2008. 978-1-85604-612-1 in a library in Switzerland (RERO – they really having everything!) and have ordered it by interlibrary-loan. I hope, things will become a bit clearer then. And of course, there’s always my mentor to ask…

I’m quite looking forward now to start working on the portfolio, strarting with the PPDP, although I’m afraid that it’ll be hard, hard work. The greatest problem of all, I fear, will be the language – having to write it all in a foreign language really isn’t easy. It just never really sounds “right” enough…


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