Lernen 2.0, Lektion 07: Weblogs suchen und finden Cont.

LoL had another go at Technorati. Again she searched for “lonely librarian” and then chose the “Blogs” option and was given the information that there were 3 blogs about “lonely librarian”. But there were only 2 listed (where’s the 3rd???), and none of them was LoL’s blog. So it seems that she doesn’t exist. But she made another interesting discovery: the discovery that she is not alone, because there’s another Lonely Librarian out there: http://thelonelylibrarian.wordpress.com/ (admittedly with a much nicer blog design, esp. the photo in the header). Funnily enough, the other Lonely Librarian apparently had the same idea at about the same time (though at the other end of the globe) : both blogs started in April 2008 🙂 . What a funny coincidence. But it doesn’t solve the Technorati problem, though. Has it anything to do with tags??? Because LoL doesn’t use any tags – yet.

2 responses to “Lernen 2.0, Lektion 07: Weblogs suchen und finden Cont.

  1. Hey super! Da bin ich gestern doch über die selbe Info gefallen, hatte aber keine Zeit zu posten. Und schrieb gerade in meinem Blog von “meiner” Entdeckung. Und nun sehe ich das hier! Lustig!

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