Congratulations to today’s visitor!

Dear today’s visitor (yes, according to my statistics, there’s only been one single person visiting my blog so far today, which, unfortunately, is about the daily average of visitors, except on Thursdays and Fridays, when stats rocket up to 20 or more visitors, which probably has to do with the publishing of the new lesson on Lernen 2.0, which inspires participants to click through the blogroll). But anyway – Dear today’s visitor, you’re the 600th visitor since the start of my blog –  I think that deserves mentioning. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 .

5 responses to “Congratulations to today’s visitor!

  1. Hallo!
    Angeregt durch den Feedback-Wunsch von lernen 2.0 und mein eigenes Gemecker (“kommt ja nie jemand auf mein Blog!” Jammer) hier mal einen Kommentar zu dem obigen Artikel: auf meinem Blog sieht es ähnlich lonely aus. Aber weil ich jetzt schon mal hier bin: I’m perhaps only visitor Nr. 602, but thanks for the thanks anyway!

  2. Don’t be sad! The statistics lie – on bloglines there are 5 subscribers to the lonely librarian, one is me.
    What I need or find interesting, I keep on my account there, often without visiting hte blog…
    @kawa13 – which is your blog?

  3. Ich lese meist auch “nur” über RSS mit, die Zahlen stimmen also tatsächlich nicht ganz 😉

  4. Hey glasses&bun!
    My blog: kawa13’s weblog ( Thanks for asking! You have a blog too?

  5. No, up to today, I do not blog, but I will think about it 😉
    Have a nice weekend!

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